Bits of history

We've compiled some "History Bits" that include the answers to questions we're commonly asked.You'll also find great teacher resources from other sources below. 

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History Bits - Oliver

Oliver is nestled between mature forested mountains and is located at the northern tip of the Sonoran Desert.  The landscape consists of a complex array of habitats and our region supports one of the most diverse assemblages of species in Canada, many of which are not found elsewhere in the country.   

Archaeological evidence suggests that the ancestors of First Nations people have lived in BC since the last ice age, ten to twelve thousand years ago. In 1919...


History Bits - Fairview


History Bits - Chinese Immigration in BC

Chinese Canadians have a long and rich history in British Columbia. The first recorded Chinese presence in BC was in 1788, when 50 Chinese workers and sailors were hired to work at a British trading post in Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island. But it was not until 1858, when gold was found on the Fraser River, that the first major migration of Chinese people came to British Columbia.

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The Okanagan Valley



The Ditch Project

Enjoy our virtual exhibit “The Ditch: Lifeblood of a Community” hosted by the Virtual Museum of Canada by selecting the image below or by clicking here.

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