Wanted: Local Photographers

In order to populate our new exhibit "Deep Roots", we are seeking high-res photographs from local photographers to include in the exhibit!

Photographs will be displayed at the Oliver Museum (474 School ave, Oliver BC). Deep Roots is intended to be a permanent exhibit. Terms and conditions as well as options for compensation are listed below.  

Questions? Call Manda at 250-498-4027 or email info(at)oliverheritage.ca

We're seeking pictures of the following subjects: 

  • McIntyre Bluff (various views)
  • Vaseux Lake
  • Gallagher Lake
  • Tuc-El-Nuit Lake
  • Osoyoos Lake
  • Okanagan River Channel
  • Oliver townsite
  • Haynes Ranch site
  • Fairview town site
  • Tinhorn Creek Stampmill
  • Oliver Mountain
  • Oliver's Welcome sign
  • Sagebrush landscape(s) - various
  • White Lake
  • Spotted Lake*
  • Saskatoon Bush
  • Bitterroot
  • Sockeye Salmon
  • Pallid Bat
  • American Badger
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Black Bear
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Mountain Goat
  • Mormon Metalmark (Butterfly)
  • Mormon Fritillary (Butterfly)
  • Columbia Dune Moth
  • Olive Clubtail (Dragonfly)
  • Half-moon Hairstreak (Butterfly)
  • Behr's Hairstreak (Butterfly)
  • Sonora Skipper (Butterfly)
  • Sandhill Skipper (Butterfly)
  • Viceroy (Butterfly)
  • Western Screech Owl
  • Lewis's Woodpecker
  • Burrowing Owl
  • Swainson's Hawk
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Grasshopper Sparrow
  • Western Meadowlark
  • Sage Thrasher
  • Yellow-breasted Chat
  • Spotted Owl
  • Brewer's Sparrow
  • White-headed Woodpecker
  • Barn Owl
  • Williamson's Sapsucker
  • Flammulated Owl
  • Great Basin Gopher Snake
  • Northern Pacific Rattlesnake
  • Western Terrestrial Garter Snake
  • Common Garter Snake
  • Desert Nightsnake
  • Rubber Boa
  • Pygmy Short-horned Lizard
  • Painted Turtle
  • Northern Leopard Frog
  • Great Basin Spadefoot Toad
  • Pacific Tree Frog
  • Tiger Salamander

...and more! 


Any photo submitted must be your own. Photos submitted must be digital, full-resolution, uncropped, and without any major editing. We reserve the right to edit the photograph as needed. They must be clearly labelled and free of any outside restrictions and copyright. There is no limit to how many photos you may submit, but you will only be compensated for photographs we choose to use (see below). 


We are asking photographers to allow the Oliver & District Heritage Society non-exclusive right to use the photo(s)  for public display in the exhibit itself and for use in exhibit promotional materials for the lifetime of the exhibit. Promotional materials include but are not limited to: handouts/brochures, signage, audio-visual display(s), web content, and app development. You will still maintain copyright over the photos, and we will agree to not reproduce your photograph in any other capacity without your permission.


If we use your photo, you will get a full credit with your name and the year the photograph was taken (example: Photo credit: Joe Smith, 2015). We are happy to accept photographs as donations (and we can provide you with a tax-deductible donation receipt) or we can compensate photographers $5 per photograph. We will only compensate photographers for photographs we use in the exhibit.